Tsedang – Lhasa (Alt. 3,680m)
Day 2
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This town has many "first", for instance, the first king "Nyatri Tsenpo", the first palace "Yumbu Lhakang", the first temple "Tradruk", the first cropland "Syarisotang", the first Tibetan Opera "Pakhapu" and the first Buddhist scripture "Pangkong Chagya" are all credited. The "Tangka" made and embroidered by Princess Wencheng herself is still kept in Tradruk Temple, which is a great treasure house of culture and art.

Upon arrival visit to the Samye Monastery - Built in the mid-8th century is first formal Buddhist Monastery for the monks in Tibet. The magnificent and unique Central Hall is three-story high. Then continue to visit the Yongbulakang Monastery and Mindoling Monastery. Then transfer to Lhasa by late afternoon.

Lunch and dinner provided at local restaurants. Stay overnight in Lhasa.

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