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Iceland Circle 10 days
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Iceland, is a mountainous island nation in the north Atlantic Ocean, located between Europe and North America. Though not part of the continental mainland, the country is considered Nordic European. The name of the country—Iceland—may not be that appropriate: although 10% of Iceland is covered by glaciers, it has a surprisingly mild climate and countless geothermal hot-spots and hot springs. The native spelling ("Ísland") is appropriate in English as well.


Population: 322,000 (Oct 2013)

Capital:          Reykjavik

Area:             103,000km²

Language:     Icelandic, English

Religion:       Lutheran (official) 80.7%

Electricity :     220V, 50Hz (European plug)  



Despite its name, Iceland has surprisingly mild winters for a country at that latitude owing to the warming effect of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Iceland enjoys a maritime temperate climate and the average temperature in winter is around 0°C, although the wind chill makes it feel a lot colder. The rapidly changing weather has given rise to the local saying: 'If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes!' It's the kind of place where it's not unusual to get rained on and sunburned at the same time. The summers are cooler and more temperate than elsewhere at the same latitude and the temperature rarely exceeds 20°C. 

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The Icelandic monetary unitis the "króna." Coins are in denominations of 100 kr., 50 kr., 10kr., 5 kr. and 1 kr. Bank notes are in denominations of 5000 kr., 2000 kr.,1000 kr., and 500 kr. All Icelandic banks provide foreign exchange and are generally open on weekdays from 09:15 to 16:00.



Iceland is a member of the Schengen cooperation which exempts travelers from border controls travelling between 26 EU and EFTA states (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). A uniform Schengen visa issued by one of the Schengen states is valid for travel within the whole Schengen area. Schengen visa should be applied for at an Embassy representing the state where the main destination is within the Schengen area.



It is the passengers responsibility to obtain all required travel documents, visas and permits, and for complying with the laws, regulations, orders, demands and other travel requirements of countries of origin, destination or transit. 

We strongly recommend that travelers to go to the IATA Travel Centre website for more information. 



Direct calls can be made to all parts of Iceland. The code into Iceland from overseas is +354 + seven-digit number. Direct long-distance calls can be made to Europe and the USA by dialing 00 plus the country code, and the telephone number you wish to reach.



There are four GSM operators in Iceland: Siminn, Vodafone, TAL and Nova. Together they cover most of Iceland including all towns and villages with over 200 inhabitants. These telephone companies all sell pre-paid GSM phone cards and offer GSM/GPRS services. Pre-paid cards are available at petrol stations around the country. GSM phones may be rented from Iceland Telecom, Ármúli 27, Reykjavík.



Reykjavík police, for information only,Tel.:+354-444-1000.

Emergency phone number in Iceland is 112 (24 hours) 



There are post offices located in all major communities in Iceland. General hours are: Mon-Fri 09:00-16:30. Many post offices in Reykjavik are also open during the weekends. Information on opening hours can be found at


How to dress for Iceland

Pack for activities first!  Start by studying your itinerary to see what you’ll be doing on your trip to Iceland. Most outdoor activities (horseback riding, caving, hiking, glacier walking, etc.) will require basically the same gear (with the outfitter providing any specialized gear that‘s required – helmets, crampons, etc).  You’ll need to wear heeled boots, such as hiking boots, moisture-wicking socks, long pants, and long sleeve shirts. You’ll also want a lightweight, waterproof but breathable shell for rainy or misty days, and a few wool (not cotton) or fleece sweaters for cooler days and evenings. You should consider bringing a hat, scarf and gloves all year round. There are also many opportunities to purchase Icelandic woollen goods!


Add in some “city clothes” In Reykjavík and Akureyri, the only unified theme in fashion is “unique.” It’s all about personal style, from the frilly dresses and stiletto heels you’d expect to find in New York and London to the hippie-chic styles you might imagine as the norm in any modern city. What you won’t find is anything boring and basic – no plain jeans, white t-shirts and sneakers here. Dressing for Reykjavík isn’t about changing your personal style, but it is about taking it to the next level. Though, if you plan on going on the weekend Runtur (pub crawl), you’ll want to add a few dressier items to your wardrobe. Women generally “dress” in a skirt or dress, or jeans with trendy tops. Men wear tailored dark jeans and button-up shirts, or dark pants and sport coats. For footwear, men usually wear sport loafers or Converse, while women wear anything from high-heeled boots to open-toed stilettos to fashionable flats.


Be prepared for anything   A day that starts out rainy and cold can become warm and sunny by mid-afternoon (or vice versa) and when it’s pleasant in the city it may be frigid twenty minutes away, so always plan on wearing layers and being ready for a range of conditions. A light, breathable, waterproof shell jacket that can be layered with a wool sweater or cardigan, and a scarf and hat will prove invaluable. And don’t forget the bathing suit. Icelanders love swimming and there is a municipal pool in nearly every town. Admission prices are generally just a few bucks, with towels and bathing suits available for rent. Visiting one of these hot spring pools is one of the best ways to experience Icelandic culture, so be sure to come prepared for a soak.



The shops in Iceland are of international standard and carry a wide variety of merchandise. Local specialties are woolen knitwear (for example sweaters, cardigans, hats and mittens), handmade ceramics, glassware and silver jewelry. Also available is a great variety of high-quality seafood



It’s absolutely essential to have adequate travel insurance covered, especially for the purposes of flight cancellation, delay or any other unexpected incidental cases occurred during the trip and to enjoy the journey with a peaceful mind.  

Take the travel insurance that meets your needs and understand its coverage. 



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