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Egypt - Luxor / Edfu / Komombo / Aswan / Abu Simbel / Cairo
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Egypt / Jordan - Cairo / Aswan - Nile cruise / Abu Simbel / Edfu / Luxor...
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Egypt / Jordan - Aswan - Nile Cruise - Luxor / Abu Simbel / Amman / Petra
11 Days
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In the north Egypt borders to the Mediterranean Sea, in the west to Libya, in the south to Sudan. East of Egypt are the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba and to the northeast Egypt borders to Israel and the Gaza Strip. Remarkable is the very narrow inhabitable Nile Valley going from south to north, while more than 95% of the country consists of deserts. The main part of Egypt lies on the African continent but the Sinai belongs to Asia.


Population: 74,033,000

Capital: Cairo; 11,146,000

Area: 1,002,000 square kilometers (386,874 square miles)

Language: Arabic, English, French

Religion: Sunni Muslim, Coptic Christian



Egypt’s location within the North African desert belt, between the Mediterranean and the 23rd parallel north of the Equator, means that it is characterized by low annual rainfall as well as sunshine throughout the year (about 315 days of sunshine). Within Egypt, there is the contrast between the coastal Mediterranean climate and the hot dryness of the interior, however in these desert areas there is a sharp of contrast between day and night temperatures.

The winter months of January and February can be quite cool especially in the area of the Delta and the Mediterranean. However, the further south one goes, the higher the temperature and the lower the humidity will become.  

Light weight cottons during summer time and warmer clothes for winter and the cool evenings. 

Note:  Women should not wear revealing clothes in religious buildings.

For weather information, please visit:



Most Egyptians are mixed race. They are descendant not only from the Arabs, but also from the ancient Egyptians, Berbers, Greeks, and Turks among other races. 

The Nubians, in the south of Egypt, are a largely separate people, with their own language. As for the Bedouin, who live on Sinai and in the deserts on the mainland, are mostly of Arab descent.



GMT + 2 hours // 220 Volts AC; 2 Pins plug



The Egyptian Pound (L.E.) = 100 piastres (pt). Bank notes are issued in the following denominations: 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1. Piastres coins: 50, 25.  Local banks deal with foreign currency and travelers cheques. Exchange rates are determined by the Swiss Stock Exchange.

British pounds sterling, Euros and the US Dollar are accepted everywhere although change may be given in Egyptian pounds.

Credit cards: 

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted in all but the smallest hotels and restaurants throughout the country, except in the Western oases. It is wise to keep your credit card in view when you make purchases or pay a restaurant bill, and to keep receipts for checking exchange rates and charges on your statement.


ATMS can be found in all major towns and cities.



It is the passengers responsibility to obtain all required travel documents, visas and permits, and for complying with the laws, regulations, orders, demands and other travel requirements of countries of origin, destination or transit. 

We strongly recommend that travelers to go to the IATA Travel Centre website for more information. 



Most of tourists can obtain visa on arrival, for more visa information and fees please

Contact Embassy at your country or the Egypt Consulate in Hong Kong 

Address: 255-257 Gloucester Rd, East Point Phone: (852) 2827 0668

Your passport or travel documents must be valid at least 6 months to cover this trip. 

Note:  HKSAR passport holders tourist visa exempted for 90 days visit 



There are no vaccinations needed to travel to Egypt unless you are arriving from an infected area. You should avoid touching stray animals as rabies is prevalent throughout the country, and take care if visiting street markets where poultry or other birds are present as many have been reported as being carriers of Avian flu. HIV and Aids is present in Egypt and you should take normal precautions to avoid exposure.

Note:  A Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over one year of age coming from infected area. Those arriving from such area without a certicificate will be detained at the airport until other flight departs.  



Public hospitals are open to tourists. The standard of care is good in Cairo and Alexandria, with most doctors speaking good English, but is of varying standard in other parts of the country. Health care provision and standards of hygiene is particularly lacking in remote rural areas, especially in the Western Desert oases and in the wilderness of southern Egypt.



You should avoid uncooked vegetables and peeled fruit that may have been washed in tap water, and make sure any poultry or egg-based dishes, and any seafood or shellfish, is thoroughly cooked. Hotels and restaurants are generally safe to eat and drink in, but it is advisable to avoid street vendors.  Use only bottled water for drinking and, to be on the safe side, when brushing teeth. When buying bottled water, check the seal of the bottle is intact. A popular scam is for unscrupulous individuals to collect used bottles from rubbish bins, refill them with tap water, attempt a reseal and sell them as genuine clean bottled water. Also, try avoid unbottled beverages and ice except in top hotels and restaurants. Milk is unpasteurised and should be boiled.


Sun light may be strong during the tour visit. Sun Block cream and sunglasses are must, wear light cotton clothing, a hat or scarf covering your head, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and sunburn. It is a good idea to pack rehydrating salts. Avoid long exposure to the sun, which can be intense.


Tipping is considered as part of your guide’s income.  Drivers and Guides are expecting some reward as a gesture of satisfaction. Suggested US$5.00 per person per day traveling with a group tour and US$10.00 per person per day tipping for driver and the local guide(s) by small group traveling. 

More travel information in Egypt please visit:



It’s absolutely essential to have adequate travel insurance covered, especially for the purposes of flight cancellation, delay or any other unexpected incidental cases occurred during the trip and to enjoy the journey with a peaceful mind.  

Take the travel insurance that meets your needs and understand its coverage. 



All land arrangements in Egypt are solely at the discretion of our land operators who control the final scheduling of sightseeing programs based on current situation of the day or period like weather, traffic condition etc…….   

Those situations are not under our control and cannot be held responsible for sudden changes.

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Hong Kong Government amended the Travel Alert for Egypt to “RED”, please check and make sure you have travel insurance covered to travel to this country.

If you are a Hongkong Resident holding a valid HKID card and have register a MyGovHK 

account, you can use the ROTI which is free of charge.  Or explore the website to register.