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China is located in Eastern Asia. Its neighboring countries are: Mongolia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan and Afghanistan. Almost one quarter of the world's population (about 1.3 billion people) live in China, which is the third largest country in the world. The land area is approximately 3,695,500 square miles, most of which is mountainous.

CAPITAL: BEIJING (Area: 16,800 square kilometers; Population: 1,284,303,705 (July 2002 est.) 



Over such a vast expanse of land the climate varies considerably. The mountain basins and plateau of the interior experience hot summers and cold winters and there is little rain. In the north, winters are harsh and it is dry and dusty most of the year, except during the rainy season of July and August. Further south, the rainfall is higher, with mild winters and hot summers making it ideal for rice to be grown in abundance. In the very south, the climate is tropical. Please visit: for more information


ELECTRICAL POWER: AC 220 V, 50 Hz (some hotels may have 110-volt sockets).


TELEPHONE & INTERNET: Mainland China 86; Hong Kong 852; Taiwan 886. (Special Telephone Numbers: Police 110; Fire 119; Emergency 120.) 

Mobile (cell) phone covered mostly the cities in China, Internet access may be provided at most of the leading hotels and internet bars and café.



All the airport taxes and service charges, whether for international, regional or internal flights, are included in the air tickets. 



It’s absolutely essential to have adequate travel insurance covered, especially for the purposes of flight cancellation, delay or any other unexpected incidental cases occurred during the trip and to enjoy the journey with a peaceful mind.



The official currency in China is the Renminbi (RMB). The basic unit is the Yuan. Paper currency comes in 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100 notes. 



All kind of  Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Card, American Express, JCB, Million Card and Federal Card are accepted in most of hotels and shops at all the cities in China.  You can cash “RMB” with your credit card in most of cities in China.



It is the passengers responsibility to obtain all required travel documents, visas and permits, and for complying with the laws, regulations, orders, demands and other travel requirements of countries of origin, destination or transit. 

We strongly recommend that you go to the IATA Travel Centre website for more information.



Tipping is considered as part of your guide’s income. Drivers and Guides are expecting some reward as a gesture of satisfaction. We suggested US$ 3 per person per day for sit-in-coach group tour and US$8.00 per person per day tipping for private mini van driver and the local guide(s)if their services are good.



China is undergoing a transition from a planned to a market economy. Like other countries, there are lots of shoddy and counterfeited products, especially in street stands, check carefully before buying those products.  Tourists are advised to make informed choices and shop accompanied by local guides. Also, big department stores and tourist stores designated by the government tend to have better credibility. Also, always ask for a receipt.  



China visa required for some the foreign passport holder.  Please check with the embassy for the visa application.  Passport must have the validity of 6 month when you are traveling.



If you are traveling to the  third country via Beijing, you may entitle to stay in Beijing for maximum of 72 hours without tourist visa, however onward flight tickets and the relevant document, please make declaration with the airline company of your flight to the third country upon your check in to Beijing. For more details please read :-

Please note that there are some nationalities may not apply the free transit in Beijing, please check with the China Embassy for further information. 



In big cities, you have to be patient, never expect the traffic to move rapidly, and allow ample time to get around.

Bicycle is the key type of transportation for local citizens in China. We do not recommend any tourist to take a bicycle ride in the city since the roads are always packed with people.

Bus is another common means of getting around in the city. Services cover most areas. However, you should study the city map and local dialect before you venture out with buses. 

You can always summon a taxi from the tourist hotels, restaurants and department stores. In the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai Guangzhou, Chengdu etc….all taxies carry a meter. You pay according to the meter at the end of your journey if you are traveling within the city limit. However, if you go out of the city, a surcharge will be added for the “empty taxi” back to the city. Tipping is not essential but we suggest you rounding up to the Yuan (dollar) when paying.



Telephone & Internet:   Mainland China 86

(Special Telephone Numbers: Police 110; Fire 119; Emergency 120.) 

Mobile (cell) phone covered in the entire area, Internet access can be provided at most of the hotels and the internet bars and café.  International calls accessible at all hotels.  

If you are travelling from Hongkong and in need of full internet access please browse the website for router rental service to use in the country.



It is advisable not to drink tap water. Instead drink boiled water in the flask or bottled-water provided by your hotel. In most cities, bottled beverages are available either in your hotel or department stores. Local beers are relatively inexpensive. There is a wide range of soft drinks or juice in bottle available at shops or store and supermarkets.  Coffee or Tea is served at all hotels, however most of hotels are served local brands except in International chain hotels. Special diet like vegetarian meal cannot be made on the spot, please advise the land operator in advance, so that the arrangement can be prior to you arrival.

On Arrival

• Your health form will be collected.

• Proceed to the immigration counter where your visa will be checked. If you are traveling with a group visa, please line up according to the visa number shown on your group visa.

• Proceed to the Luggage claim area to identify and collect your check-in baggage(s) with your luggage claim tag(s).

• Proceed to the customs where your customs declaration form will be collected.

• Remember to get back the duplicate customs form, which must be presented, for customs clearance when leaving China.

• Proceed to the exit where you will be met by our local guide.

Tour Meals

Western breakfast, Chinese set lunch and or dinner when specified in your itinerary are included.



If you are holding a confirmed booking on flights to China either International or domestic, no re-confirmation required.

There will be exceptional case please check with the airline before leaving your country.  



All land arrangements within China are solely at the discretion of our land operators who control the final scheduling of sightseeing programs based on current situation of the day or period like weather, traffic condition etc…….   

Those situations are not under our control and cannot be held responsible for sudden changes.

Terms & Conditions are based on our website :




If you are traveling from Hongkong and would like to know more about the outbound

Travel alert please explore the website:

If you are a Hongkong Resident holding a valid HKID card and have register a MyGovHK account, 

you can use the ROTI which is free of charge.  Or explore the website to register.