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Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in south-central Africa. It lies between the Zambezi River in the North and the Limpopo River to the south. The country has land borders with Mozambique to the north and east, South Africa to the South, Botswana to the southwest and Zambia to the northwest and north.

Most of Zimbabwe is rolling plateau, with over 75% of it lying between 610m (2000 ft) and 1,525m (5,000 ft) above sea level, and almost all of it over 305m (1,000 ft). 

The area of high plateau, know as the high Veld, is some 400 miles long by 50 miles wide, and stretches northeast to southwest at 1,220m (4,000 ft) to 1,676m (5,500ft) This culminates in the northeast in the Udizi and Inyanga mountains, reaching the country's highest point at Mt. Inyangani at 2,596m (8,517 ft). The middle veld is a plateau ranging from 610m (2,000 ft) to 1,220 m (4,000 ft) high. Below 610m (2,000ft) are areas making up the Low Veld, wide and sandy plains in the basins of the Zambezi and the Limpopo. 

The steep mountain ranges cut Zimbabwe off from the eastern plains that border the India Ocean. The High Veld is a central ridge forming the country's watershed, with stream flowing southeast to the Limpopo and Sabi rivers and northwest into the Zambezi. Deep river valleys cut the Middle Veld. Only the larger of the many rivers have an all-year-round flow of water. Most of rivers have falls and rapids.



Electric Power is 220V running at 50Hz. 



Zimbabwe is two hours ahead of GMT



Altitude and relief greatly affect both temperature and rainfall in Zimbabwe. The higher areas in the east and the High Veld receive more rainfall and are cooler than the lower areas. Temperatures on the High Veld vary from 12 - 13°C (55°F) in winter and 24°C (75°F) in summer. On the Low Veld the temperatures are usually 5.5°C (10°F) higher, and summer temperatures in the Zambezi and Limpopo valleys average between 32C - 38°C (90 - 100°F). Rainfall decreases from east to west. The eastern mountains receive as much as 40 inches annually, while Harare has 32 inches and Bulawayo 23.6 inches. The south and southwest receive little rainfall. Seasonal shortages of water are common. The summer, rainy season last from November to March. It is followed by a transitional season, during which both rainfall and temperatures decrease. The cool, dry season follows, lasting from mid-May to mid-August. Finally, there is the warm, dry season, which last until the onset of the rains.

For more information, please visit: http://www.climate-zone.com/climate/zimbabwe/



All visitors require a visa apart from nationals from the following countries: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and Japan nationals of commonwealth states (excluding Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka). 

Many, but not all, other nationals who do require visas can obtain them upon arrival. 

Your passport or travel documents must be valid for 6 months.



Official Currency:    Zimbabwe Dollar

The major credit cards are widely accepted but will incur high charges. Travellers cheques are best taken in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling. Most Hotel accommodation must be paid for in foreign currency. It is advisable to take a small amount of cash in US Dollar or Pounds Sterling - smaller bills are better. If paying in foreign currency be sure to have small bills available as change will be given to you in Zimbabawe Dollars - which are at the current time is virtually worthless. BANKING & BUSINESS HOURS



It is the passengers responsibility to obtain all required travel documents, visas and permits, and for complying with the laws, regulations, orders, demands and other travel requirements of countries of origin, destination or transit. 

We strongly recommend that you go to the IATA Travel Centre website http://www.iatatravelcentre.com for more information.



It's absolutely essential to have adequate travel insurance covered, especially for the purposes of flight cancellation, delay or any other unexpected incidental cases occurred during the trip and to enjoy the journey with a peaceful mind.

Take the travel insurance that meets your needs and understand its coverage.



All land arrangements within Zimbabwe are solely at the discretion of our land operators who control the final scheduling of sightseeing programs based on current situation of the day or period like weather, flights schedule change, traffic condition etc…….   

Those situations are not under our control and cannot be held responsible for sudden changes.

Terms & Conditions are based on our website : www.f56.com/Terms&Conditions.pdf






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